Ezze is the first true Social Commerce app on the market.
It allows you to stream, sell and socialize all at once. Allowing you to use your creativity and uniqueness to engage and interact closely with your true audience. Build a community aligned to your interests. Showcase your talents, and sell your coolest products to your peers.

Ezze it's a new Livestream, eCommerce, and social media platform that was soft-launched in the US market on March 2022.

The goal was clear. To target a young medium-tier audience that wants to create content and sell products on a Livestream, but propose something new and different to our competitors.

The identity was shaped by colliding contrast, such as rigid and structured rounded typography combined with a playful color scheme, allowing the branding to inspire and relate to the young consumer but get the classic and elegant feeling to the older one. The roundness and playfulness were maintained all over the different screens.

The copy and message across the platforms are always fun and positive, with a loose margin for humor that allowed us to play with the wording and communicate better to the younger audiences.

It’s that ezze — gave us the tagline that App is based on. Easy Livestream, easy selling, easy registration, and content creation + the quirkiness of the spelling mistake that sounds and resembles EASY.

Roles: Creative Director + Art Director + Branding




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