Hi! I am Bruno martinez, a Creative + Art Director,
helping brands to reach their audience, creating ideas and visuals that speak to them.

After studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, I specialized in Graphic Design and Creative Direction. After that, I moved to Australia/ Bali to start my surf/skate clothing brand, which garnered the attention of many brands and gave me the possibility to move to Los Angeles for a stable position.

After a few years in the fashion industry, I move into a Creative and Production Agency as Design Director and Creative Associate. For two years, I've learned and absorbed all the commercial agency world's information and processes and transferred my knowledge to the Tech industry.

Since then, I've been Creative + Art Directing projects and teams where I can combine my abroad experience from the different industries into pieces that fit and understand the whole scope of fashion, advertising, music, tech, and social media.

My creative approach to any project is to look for unusual aspects of ideas and generate a new point of view, pushing concepts to the limit and beyond.

I balance my day job with personal projects and learning and creating NFTs and Web3.

During the years, I had the opportunity to work with: ROSALIA, Toyota, Pepsi, Mitsubishi, Nike, CANADA, Volcom, Travis Scott, Anitta, Becky G, Tini, NBA, NFL, NBL, Melody Eshani, Sean Wotherspoon, and Medicom.

Venice, Los Angeles, CA

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